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Sustainable food consumption is expected be nutritionally healthy, with a low carbon footprint in terms of use of land and water resources, with no nitrogen or other chemical emissions, careful to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems, full of local foods and traditional, fair and accessible to all.

Considering the significant increment of conventional agriculture over the last forty years, it is obvious that the current food systems continue to be unsustainable.

While in the world there is still 1 billion people suffering from hunger, many more people are overweight or obese, for a total of over two billion people altogether ill-nourished. The systems of food production and consumption current must, therefore, be subject to radical changes, focusing on the increase in demand and supply of health foods, environmentally friendly, in terms of industrial and cultivated in areas of traditional origin, in respecting biodiversity and resources available.

The notion of "sustainable diet" would sound paradoxical until 300 years ago when they obtained most of their food from the ecosystems and knowledge and farming practices ensured the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity both wild is agricultural. Agriculture and diets have changed dramatically in recent decades, to the point that now the concept of "sustainable diet" seems new.

In the early eighties, with "sustainable diet" was intended to dietary recommendations, in order to make people healthier. Subsequently, modern agriculture and globalization have reduced the attention towards the environment for the intensification and industrialization of farming systems. The result was a dramatic increase of the global production of unsustainable food production, thinking to bring global improvements in nutrition.

The puzzling result today is that the number of undernourished people has reached more than one billion, yet obesity, and chronic diseases associated with it, reached similar figures. If you associate this data to the alarming rate at which ecosystems are deteriorating and biodiversity is being lost, a review of the way we approach food is essential.

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